For Dolphin 7.1 (Osho) - How To Clone A Module? Hello everyone, I was wondering how do you clone a module? For example, I want to clone a module from Boonex's News or Articles module. Because we already have the News and Articles module and now we want another module with the same function like those two, different name of course. Do I just have to rename everything? For example, renaming 'news' in every files and folder to 'reviews'? Thank you.
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can be somewhat tricky to work with, especially if you don’t understand how it’s being generated. In this lesson we will try to decipher what’s happening behind the scenes while the menu is being generated, and how we can extend the system properly to customize it. Requirements: Basic HTML/CSS knowledge Intermediate PHP Knowledge (Classes, Class extensions, and Class inheritance) Read Creating a Template PART 1 and PART 2
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Dolphin 7.1 is the lastest version of Boonex Dolphin Community Script.
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